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 To connect with the co-construction procedures in the sightseeing college, this department requires sightseeing, management,
introduction to hospitality and tourism, service management and sightseeing topics lecture as compulsory courses, 12 credits in total, starting in 2010;
furthermore, this department integrates casino-related courses from other departments and plans casino management credits and program to expand into
the entire campus in order to provide more knowledge and techniques to students.
    This department places emphasis on the fulfillment of leisure, recreation and sightseeing theory fundamental knowledge as the core for development,
takes recreation activity plans and management and casino management as main points, trains the students to turn to technical talents in order to become
professionals in the leisure industry operation and management, recreation resource planning, leisure activity planning and design as well as leisure casino services.
    Based on the above education goals, the key points of education in this department are:
(1) Leisure and recreation fundamental theory.
(2) Leisure activity planning and implementation abilities.
(3) Recreation resource integration and interpretation abilities.

(4) Casino service management and technology operation abilities.