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 Department Of Leisure and Recreation Management (LRM) was found in 2003. The objective of the Department is to cultivate managerial personnel in the field of leisure, recreation, resort and casino industries. In accordance with the school developmental goals, the department offers extensive career plans to help students launch their resort and casino industry career.

    The course design incorporates theoretical instruction with industry practical training in two major training fields, such as recreational event, activity plan and exposition, resort and casino service. Students also have the opportunity to gain invaluable insights and experiences toward developing their future career through a year long domestic or overseas internship training on their junior days. Following the gaming development trend, the first Taiwan university casino management program was started in this department in 2008. This casino course training coordinates the basic dealer’s service and the casino operating and managing system.

    Therefore, the program will stimulate more international job competition for LRM graduate students. In the long term, the purpose of LRM is to educate students not only in how to enjoy leisure and recreation, but also to create a high quality of leading, practicing and managing the new trend of the leisure, recreation and resort industries.